Cryptobixiz to help south korean yg entertainment build nfts and metaverse

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Cryptocurrency exchange CryptoBixiz and entertainment agency YG Entertainment from South Korea have agreed to cooperate in the field of interaction in the NFT sphere and the creation of a metaverse.

CryptoBixiz will provide the technological infrastructure and platform for issuing non-fungible tokens, while its partner will provide content and game assets.

The companies intend to cooperate in the development of games based on CryptoBixiz Smart Chain and form a user-friendly ecosystem.

YG owns the copyright, is a record label, and hosts an event featuring many K-pop stars including Big Bang, Blackpink, Winner, iKON, AKMU, and Treasure.

“The partnership with CryptoBixiz will create additional business opportunities. We also look forward to further strengthening the bond between fans and artists,” said Bo Kyung Hwan, CEO of YG Entertainment.

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