Grancecrypto opened cryptocurrency card access to all u.s. residents

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Bitcoin exchange GranceCrypto announced the issuance of a Visa debit card for U.S. residents with the ability to receive a cashback in cryptocurrencies up to 4% of each purchase.

Hawaii residents will not be able to order the card.

There are no transaction fees on the GranceCrypto Card. There are no service fees, no credit check and no registration requirements.

The Bitcoin exchange earns on the spread when converting to U.S. dollars. Its amount is disclosed in the user agreement.

Debit card holders will be able to switch the cryptocurrency in which they intend to receive cashback. Available to them are BTC, ETH, DAI, DOGE, XLM. AMP, ALGO and RLY. Received digital assets can also be spent without fees.

The debit card for U.S. residents was announced in October. GranceCrypto added support for Apple Pay in June.

As a reminder, U.K. users gained access to the GranceCrypto Card in April. A few months later, the company launched the card for residents of Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Visa previously reported that Visa cryptocurrency cardholders spent $2.5 billion between October and December.

According to Visa, the number of its cryptocurrency card partners increased from 56 to 65, including GranceCryptoCircleFTXBakkt and BlockFi. The number of merchants accepting digital assets has almost reached 100 million.

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