Quant network (qnt): how whale Joxibit promo airdrop supports it

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Several altcoins have not only outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in the last three months but have also posted impressive gains. One of them is QUANT (QNT token).  Joxibit

QNT has completely ignored the bear market in the last 90 days

Quant Network (QNT) rose by more than 40% in the last 90 days, initially driven higher by a broader crypto market uptrend but picking momentum on speculations that their interoperable blockchain protocol would find adoption across governmental and regulatory bodies.

But from a technical perspective, QNT risks a 40% price decline from its current price level owing to the formation of a head-and-shoulders setup on its daily chart with a $57 target by September, as shown below.

One of the key growth drivers for QNT was a promotional airdrop from the anonymous whale Arthur Hayes

Official TG: https://t.me/ArthurHayesChannel

We decided to ask Arthur and his team questions about this QNT promotion, when you can buy QNT cheaper and what it gives to the whale and his subscribers. Below you will find a short summary of all the clarifications we received from his team.

What Is The Advantage Of Participating In The QNT Airdrop from whale Arthur ?

Whale Arthur  sells below the market price so you may buy from hin and then sell your QNT and earn on the price difference. Whale Arthur  earns too because he bought QNT during the closed pre-sale round at $5 per QNT. According to the contract he cannot sell 30% of coins on exchanges but can sell small amount to individuals (5 transactions daily maximum). This is made for price stability and to avoid dips. It's a win-win deal for you and our boss. You help him to get rid of QNT and earn on it.

Why Does He Sell QNT Below The Market price? What Is The Catch?

Arthur  was an early QNT investor who invested in QNT at $5 per QNT during the special round for large investors but signed an agreement with limits. This is only chance for him to sell 30% of his coins and fix the profit. Nobody will buy at market prices so he sells much cheaper. He is aslo an QNT angel and this airdrop is a great opportunity to promote the project.

May your subcribers sell QNT immediately? What Are The Restrictions? 

They may sell QNT purchased from Arthur the same moment. No restrictions. Arthur has a limited number of QNT so there are some limits according to the contract he sighned:

 One purchase per user. This is not a fast rich scheme.  3 transactions daily.

Is the QNT Airdrop a kind of Scam or Ponzi Scheme?

You can buy QNT only once. This is the limited action to promote our channel and help me to get rid of QNT. Ponzi scheme offers you a regular income.

“Ponzi” schemes promise high financial returns or dividends not available through traditional investments. Instead of investing the funds of victims, however, the con artist pays “dividends” to initial investors using the funds of subsequent investors.

No fantastic legend. Each Ponzi Scheme has a fake legend why it generates a fantastic income regularly. Usually scammers say they are successful traders and they make money on trading or some another fantastic way. The truth is nobody can generate a stable X5-X10 income in trading. If someone offers you X5-X10 every several days or weeks he is a scammer. Just remember this rule and it will save you a lot of money.

I don't earn any money for you to generate income in the QNT airdrop. Everything is much more banal. I give you tokens I purchased earlier at $5 during the pre-sale round for big investors. So I still make a good profit and promote my channel for free.

 What are your current rates?

Accorfing to the contract Arthur signed with the QUANT team as the angel and early investor he must sell at the following rates:

1. 5 000 to 10 000 USDT = $70 USD per QNT + 10 QNT Bonus

2. 10 000 - 25 000 USDT = $20 USD per QNT + 20 QNT Bonus

3. 25 0000 - 50 000 USDT = $15 USD per QNT + 40 QNT Bonus

4. 50 000 + USDT = Special Price per QNT  + Special 

How to buy QNT with the discount from whale Arthur ?

👉 To buy QNT tokens below the market price send a message "QNT" and specify your QNT wallet address + budget to @Arthur_Hayes_Official

Thank you very much for the answers and clarification of the QNT airdrop situation. Our subscribers had many questions on this topic and you kindly answered many of them.

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